Omen Story

As the owners of Omen Timepieces, we first and foremost give all praise and thanks to GOD for his blessings and for placing in us the innovation and drive to start this company.  The idea for such a company ignited from our love of art, fashion, music (Hip Hop, Jamaican, Jazz, R&B Music), and the passion to bring a unique swag (style) to the watch industry. 

Both born and raised in the eclectic mountains of Asheville, NC, we were surrounded by rare examples of personal expression.  Ace grew up with both of his parents who themselves are Asheville natives. Jahmel was also raised by both of his parents. His father is from Kingston, Jamaica and his mother is from Asheville, North Carolina. Our bond started taking shape at Asheville Middle School where we played on the basketball team together and solidified as we became best friends.  We always had similar taste in fashion with our own unique styles. We also have never crossed any major “red lines” with each other, which is why we remain brothers to this day.  

After graduating high school, we attended the same college, Clark Atlanta University. There we integrated into a deep melting pot of cultures. We were exposed to people from all over the country from NY to LA and everywhere in between.  While becoming friends with people from various parts of the country, we were still able to make our mark representing North Carolina. Nonetheless, our sense of fashion blossomed to the next level while in college as a result of experiencing fashion from other cities. Specifically, we  began realizing how accessories could boost a man's or woman's fashion significantly. Watches in particular, grabbed our attention the most...planting an innovative spark for exploring uncharted territory.  

As life would have it, we ended up on separate paths during our college career. Ace made a “left turn” and decided it was best to return back home after freshman year to pursue various entrepreneurial ventures.  Jahmel finished college with his bachelor’s degree and pursued opportunities in corporate america and also tried various entrepreneurial ventures.  

We always kept a line of open communication even though we separated during college. After a few up and down business ventures and through the grace of GOD, we decided to collaborate on the Omen brand that you see before you today. We have put our hearts, passion and life experiences into this brand. We are brothers and determined to work at manifesting our gifts through The Omen Brand.  Our journey and story with The Omen Brand is just the beginning and we know that there is promise for the Omen family as we progress forward.